Mendenhall Properties in Costa Rica

by Erin Mendenhall
July 3, 2014

At Mendenhall Properties, we primarily focus on real estate in the greater-Washington D.C. area. But we recently had a couple of meetings in Costa Rica to explore some real estate opportunities in that beautiful country. So how did this opportunity come about? Wes and Judith are two my clients that I worked with recently.

We have such a great working relationship that they trusted me to watch their home while they traveled to Costa Rica to visit with their familiy. I am beyond lucky and blessed to have built such great relationships with my clients over the past nine years during which I started Mendenhall Properties. It's not about meeting quotas and selling properties -- it's about relationships, that's how you grow a business and that's how I've grown mine.

This past year, I sold Wes and Judith's home in Falls Church so that they could retire in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has always been one of my favorite island hot spots -- I've traveled there more than six times already. In 2010, I started Costa Rica Connect, LLC, with my business partner Krista Baker Scheyer, who helps organize most of the triatholons in the country.

I visited serveral properties on my trip, meeting with property managers who take excellent care of the land while folks are back in America. Of course I had a little bit of fun, too, enjoying all of the great island life: chilling with monkeys and long walks on the beach. 

Investing in a property in Costa Rica isn't just an escape -- it's an experience. I dined with the locals and ate at Villa Deevena, one of the best restaurants in Costa Rica. The chef, Patrick Jamon, has served four presidents in the U.S.! It was simply delicious. I got to eat with Patrick and his family. What a treat!

And yes, I even surfed. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I surfed!!!!! 

I'm telling you about these experiences not to brag, but because you, too, can enjoy Costa Rica's incredible opportunities. 

We founded Costa Rica Connect to help Washingtonians know about the real estate opportunities on the island. With her extensive background in Costa Rica and my greater-Washington real estate background, this was a perfect business match.

Our mission? To help Washingtonians realize all of the great potential on one of our favorite islands. It's not just real estate potential -- but the potential to like the Pura Vida LIfe, enjoying the simple things and being within nature.

My business mantra is It starts with a connection... 

Sometimes, that connection leads to Costa Rica.

Check out some pictures of the land and Villa Deevena:





Erin Mendenhall was born and raised in Northern Virginia. As a real estate agent licensed in Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland, she lives out her personal mission to “serve and impact the lives of others” in the metropolitan community.

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